CEELINGS - Made in Germany

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Behind the Scenes
Three years. That's how long it took to develop our product line of CEELINGS from an initial idea into the market entry in October 2020. As is the nature of world novelty products, there was no precedent to rely on. Everything needed to be imagined and invented from scratch. So before the HANDFUL OF LIGHT and HAPPY HERMANN where ready to ornament ceilings in homes across the world, a number of complex development steps needed to be completed. Right from the start, we knew that realizing production entirely ‘Made in Germany’ was one of the main goals for this product line. Ultimately, we even upped the ante by implementing the entire production within a 30-kilometer radius of our headquarters in Frankfurt. Sustainable and according to social standards. This includes the design in our animation studio, the engineering craftsmanship in tool design, manufacturing with high-tech injection molding and finally packaging in a sheltered workshop here in the area. For an insider view behind the scenes, join our illustrious group of Design Engineers in this new film. Watch the complex origin story of CEELINGS, we hope you will find it ‘enlightening’…

© Film production by FIFTYEIGHT ANIMATION

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