Our culinary masters


We have the influence of Chinese food culture to thank not only for our beloved pasta, but also for our early understanding of the connections between nutrition and physical well-being. In traditional Chinese medicine (TMC) it is assumed that illnesses and complaints arise from an energetic imbalance. Nutrition is seen as one of the five therapeutic pillars of TCM in order to restore correct balance in the body. Carina Zimmermann is a nutritionist wo works based on the concepts of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with a master’s degree in Chinese dietetics and a mother of three. She has long been fascinated by the effect of daily food intake on the body and is concerned with how food influences well-being and which foods can be used specifically to treat symptoms. She imparts her knowledge about food and its effects at ceremonies around the fire or in personal consultation. Since 2020, she has published over 200 recipes for the 58 Gut Feeling for our community. (www.canari.de)


As a child of a family of restaurateurs with an Italian mother, he literally had the culinary gene from the cradle. Mom’s kitchen took care of the rest, leading Martino to move to Milan immediately after school to start his culinary career there. After the Park Hyatt Milan, formative positions in international star gastronomy followed, including with Juan Amador, Gerhard Schwaiger in Tristan on Mallorca and the Ente in Wiesbaden. After his apprenticeship and with his wife Kathi at his side, whom he met at Tristan, the time was ripe for his own restaurant. Martino is now realising his ideas of earnest and artisanal cuisine in his restaurant MARTINO KITCHEN in Wiesbaden, which thrives with the aromas and freshness of seasonal and high-quality products . He gets to know farmers, butchers and suppliers personally. Ingredients come from sustainable farming and wild catch, vegetables and fruit are locally grown. As the sommelier and host, Kathi Stirn ensures that everyone feels comfortable here. (www.martino-restaurant.de)


If you work in a star restaurant while studying computer science, you might discover your true passion there. That’s what happened to Timo Vieth, who discovered his love of cuisine in Paderborn’s Balthasar. The subsequent apprenticeship in the Hessian metropolis of Frankfurt am Main was the right decision and did not make him regret moving from the Sauerland to his new home. After working in popular Frankfurt restaurants such as Main Nizza and VAIVAI, Timo is now head chef for the Levantine restaurant Barshuka and the pop-up event location Stanley in Frankfurt. Is it any wonder that Timo’s love of cooking is also part of his private life? With the culinary vision of getting to know as many new tastes as possible and discovering traditional and new dishes from different cultures, he has now travelled to numerous countries. In particular his experiences in France, Israel and Africa were particularly rich as they shape his recipes and creations to the delight of his guests. (www.barshuka.com)


The creative director of an advertising agency and the chef of a good restaurant have a lot in common. Developing a strong campaign is a creative process, just like the recipe for an enjoyable dish. The audience is expected to enjoy both creations. It’s nice when you can work in both worlds like Amadeus Kompenhans. After stints in the Berlin and Frankfurt advertising scene, the moment came in 2005 that changed things forever. After many night shifts and poor nutrition, he gifted himself a decent chef’s knife for Christmas. From then on, cooking was part of his life - for himself, his friends or the Frankfurt Club Michel. Friends in particular rave about his cooking skills when they meet up for a meal together. He has already created the “World’s Best Burger” in his ski lodge, and Amadeus’ homemade pizza evenings can compete with the best pizzas from Frankfurt. However, standing at the stove all day is not an option for a creative person. So Amadeus founded a film production company in 2010, where he produced advertising films for well-known brands for more than 10 years. The opening of his new creative agency Atelier Aimé in Frankfurt will follow in 2023.

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