FIFTYEIGHT has been cooking and eating well for a long time. Starting with the joint lunches - deliciously cooked by Carina and Sabine for the team - over cooking events to the legendary FIFTYEIGHT Christmas parties. So from a culinary point of view, there's always been something going on.

If you look at our culture and our product range, the TASSEN KOCHBUCH is basically a logical consequence. The table setting is the centre of attention - that's what the FIFTYEIGHT product universe is all about. Preparing, serving and enjoying a good meal. That's what tableware is for. So what's the point of the most beautiful tableware, if it doesn't have something great in or on it?

In our company, it didn't take much convincing. Somehow, it was clear from the beginning that this project belonged to us

Max Zimmermann, founding member / CEO of FIFTYEIGHT

Now, in the book, it all comes together: the products, the culture, the emotions, the joy of good food and the passion for cooking. If you look a little closer, you will quickly realize that the TASSEN KOCHBUCH is also a good-humored project that is just as much fun as the funny characters from the TASSEN family, who also make their cheeky comments in the book.

Anyone who decides to write a cookbook has a relationship to good food, that is for sure. Now, of course, we have to admit that for each of us the connection to good food is different today than it was 25 years ago when FIFTYEIGHT was founded. Everyone develops their preferences and eating habits over time, depending on the life situations and experiences.

This cookbook would probably have looked different many years ago. Not really visually, but differently in terms of content. Our society's view of the health and ethical background of our nutrition has changed in the past two decades. Who would have thought at the time of the founding of our company how many vegetarian star restaurants there are today and how delicious and varied vegetarian food can be.

I can only be as healthy as I eat - so this already plays a big role


Timm Osterhold, founding member / CEO of FIFTYEIGHT

Philipp renders the beautiful graphics for the book.

Against this background, it is certainly good that it took so long for us to realize this passion project. Now nearly 80 extremely tasty recipes and tips are gathered across the seasonal kitchen. Supplemented with a seasonal calendar for fruits and vegetables, which helps to plan your shopping.

Savoury dips, tasty snacks, basics such as bread, soups, stews and salads, delicious pasta, risotto and pizza creations, through to cakes and cookies. For big and small foodies, sweet and salty, there is something for everyone. Happiness and good humor in the kitchen guaranteed.

Most of the dishes are really easy to cook. Of course, we tried out all the recipes of our 4 chefs. But obviously, everyone who likes to cook, has also his own idea of how some dishes taste even better or should ideally be seasoned. We are already looking forward to your suggestions and feedbacks.

We hope you enjoy cooking with our TASSEN Cookbook.


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