CANNICS – Sony Playstation Vita #1

without words
The first out of ten films created by FIFTYEIGHT ANIMATION explaining the main functions of the Sony Playstation Vita handheld game console. With CANNICS in the lead role, it's bound to be a hot ride. Facing the power of the Playstation Vita’s Dual-Analog-Sticks, our chubby yellow friend finds himself hanging on for dear life. Animated in signature CANNICS style full of dark humor and a unique way of approaching things. Somewhat true to the slogan, "The World is in Play". Here's some more background info. FIFTYEIGHT ANIMATION + Sony Playstation Vita When FIFTYEIGHT ANIMATION was approached about creating tutorial videos around the Sony Playstation Vita in 2012, we were of course super honored. Plus, we had just the right character for the job with our brand mascot CANNICS. Then again, how do you explain a handheld console with a character entirely devoid of arms? Well, in hindsight it really couldn't have worked any more perfect! We ended up making 10 tutorial videos that are offbeat, unconventional and full of clever dark humor. The clips were a big hit with fans and awarded the Bronze Nail for 3rd place at the ADC Awards. Click here for the second film.

© Film production by FIFTYEIGHT ANIMATION

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